Therapy Success Story

Susan M. arrived at Sagecrest with a right fracture of the distal femur. Susan found that performing activities of daily living and ambulating had become quite difficult. When Susan arrived she was non-weight bearing on her right leg, making her stay at Sagecrest longer than anticipated. Susan participated well with all her treatment sessions; working hard and diligently until her doctor was able to progress to full weight bearing on the leg.

Once Susan was able to fully bear weight, she was able to practice dressing and toileting with standby assistance. She also began ambulating with a two-wheel walker requiring only moderate assistance. With hard work and persistence, Susan achieved her short and long term goals and was able to discharge home in Silver City.

Susan M. states that she had great success with her therapy. She is now going up and down the stairs in her home; and is able to easily get in/out of the car. Susan states she is happy to be home, but she misses everyone at Sagecrest; especially the special friends she made at her table, the therapists, and the CNAs. She also said, “A part of me wishes I lived in Las Cruces so I can come back and visit. I had a really good experience at Sagecrest.” We wish Susan a healthy and safe future.

Reliant Rehab Team: Jojie K., PTA; Alyssa V., COTA; Espy G., COTA

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