Short-term Wound Care Treatments Return to Community

Resident Francisco A. was admitted to Sagecrest with a complex community acquired surgical site. He was treated by the wound care nurse, David U, with the plan from his doctor. Francisco’s wound was resolved within 20 days of admission, and was able to discharge home upon completion of his treatments.

Resident Eric T. was also admitted with a community acquired surgical site to his left knee. Through his exceptional would care treatment and therapy services, he was dancing the last days of his stay at Sagecrest! He was able to return home after about a month and a half of treatment.

Resident Thomas R. was admitted in May, also with a community acquired surgical amputation. Tom was non-weight bearing to is right lower extremities, and was wheel chair bound upon admission. After months of therapy and wound care treatment, Tom’s surgical site was resolved, and he returned home.

Thomas R.

Eric T.

Francisco A.

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