Watermelon: An Ingredient For Skin Care

August 1, 2017 — Watermelon is widely used as massage oil, baby oil, facials, face creams, salt scrubs, shower bath as well as hair oil: Works as a Exfoliate – Mash a cup of watermelon chunks and then apply this paste on your face. Find a place to relax for 10 minutes. Rinse it later. It is a process... Read More

You Will Be Missed: Angie P.

August 1, 2017 — Angie P. was a resident of Sagecrest since July, 2015. She walked the facility daily, enjoying time with her friends and family in the activity room, and at meals. According to her daughter, Angie’s life improved during her time at Sagecrest – she went from being a “loner” where she lived by herself in Anthony,... Read More

Short-Term Therapy Success Story

August 1, 2017 — Ms. A came to Sagecrest in a wheelchair. She was very weak and required help to complete self care. Ms. A is legally blind and at times felt intimidated leaving her room or attempting to move around her room. She rarely missed a session of therapy and always ready to do whatever was asked of... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

August 1, 2017 — Residents Elva E. August 05 Mary B. August 08 Jose Y. August 13 Juan E. August 15 Arthur V. August 30 Ametha C. August 31 Welcome Salvador A. Stephen B. Larry C. Mary C. Barbara G. Harry G. William J. Alfred M. Howard N. Claire O. Maria R.

Look and Feel Cool in Warm Weather

July 7, 2017 — The heat of the summer sun can make you uncomfortable. Here are some helpful tips to dress cool and feel cool in warm summer weather. Select natural fiber fabrics like linen and cotton as these fabrics are good at moisture absorption and are breathable. Avoid fabrics that trap heat, such as polyester and nylon. Avoid... Read More

Celebrating Independence Day

July 7, 2017 — On the 4th of July, we traditionally celebrate the anniversary of the declaration of the United States’ independence, but did you know that is not when Independence Day celebrations first began? Even though the U.S. celebrates its independence from England on that day, the holiday itself is largely based on English traditions. When the Declaration... Read More

Fun Fruit Kabobs

June 7, 2017 — Ingredients: 1 apple 1 banana 1/3 cup red seedless grapes 1/3 cup green seedless grapes 2/3 cup pineapple chunks 1 cup nonfat yogurt 1/4 cup dried coconut, shredded Utensils: knife 2 wooden skewer sticks large plate Directions: Prepare the fruit by washing the grapes, washing the apples and cutting them into small squares, peeling the... Read More

International Picnic Day is June 18

June 7, 2017 — Summertime and picnics are meant to go together. Having a picnic doesn’t have to be reserved for a day out at the beach or park. If you are going to have a picnic during an outing, be sure to practice food safety and have icepacks in with the food or cooler. Picnics can be as... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

June 7, 2017 — Residents Leola P. June 04 Eleanor F. June 05 Mary D. June 08 Nina D. June 09 John S. June 10 Socorro C. June 16 Rose F. June 18 Gale G. June 18 Suzanne P. June 22 Emma Y. June 25 Barbara B. June 25 Bertha M. June 26 Pedro C. June 28 Samuel R.... Read More

Upcoming Events

June 7, 2017 — Friday, June 9th – Wal-Mart Shopping/Lunch Outing June 15th – 22nd – CNA Week—Show your support / Thanks for all they do. Thursday, June 15th – Super Hero Day Friday, June 16th – Country/Cowboy Day Saturday, June 17th – Crazy Hair/Sock and Backwards Day Sunday, June 18th – Jersey Day Monday, June 19th – Dress... Read More